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A story about lawyers and law firms

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What is lawstory?

Well, yes it’s a story about law firms and the people in them. So The Archers meets Suits? Sort of.

The story looks at what goes on in a law firm. Who gets involved, why they get excited and frustrated, how and why they get things right and sometimes wrong. Each episode is intended to be a prompt to get the debate going within the lawstory community.

The purpose of lawstory

To make a difference.  To help make law firms a better and happier place to work. To encourage change in the way people manage firms and the way people behave towards each other.

And along the way

  • to inform, educate and occasionally amuse.
  • to provoke thoughts, reactions and comments from you.
  • to provide a forum for discussion 
  • to help you tackle similar situations in your firm or organisation.

lawstory is going to change and develop as we and you engage with the story and determine its future.

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