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Episode 25 - What to do about a mental health issue (part three)

The scene – 11.00am – a cafe close to FFS

Hamish and Conrad – the latest trainee to join FFS – are sitting in the back of the cafe near the office where Conrad first shared his feelings about being a trainee and the difficulties he was experiencing with the pressure of the job, long hours and feeling exhausted and alone.

Hamish thanks Conrad again for confiding in him, and asks him how he’s feeling now. Conrad then surprises him: “Actually, talking to you made me realise how much I had let things get on top of me, and how stressed I’ve been. Knowing you were there and available to listen, also gave me the confidence to go to my GP and tell her what’s been going on.”

Hamish is a bit taken aback at how quickly and decisively Conrad has acted, but is impressed that he has. “Are you comfortable telling me what the doctor said?” he asks. Conrad nods, and takes a sip of water. “She has referred me to the practice counsellor for further evaluation and potentially for therapy, as she doesn’t believe I need medication. However, she did advise me to take exercise as often as I can, cut down on alcohol, eat well and try to work less hours to manage my stress.”

Hamish nods, and tells Conrad that he’ll help him try to reach a better work/life balance where the hours are concerned. “There’s more,” says Conrad quietly. “She also suggested that I let HR know what’s going as well, so I can find out what support is available for mental health issues at company level. I’m wondering if you would come with me please?”

It is agreed that Conrad will arrange a meeting for them both with HR as soon as there’s a slot in both their diaries. They shake hands, and Conrad thanks Hamish for his support.

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How should Hamish and Conrad take the situation forward?

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What do you think is the best way to handle a colleague's mental health issue?  How do you think firms should deal with it?

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# Simon McCall 2018-03-02 10:38
This is so difficult. Any of those suggestions could be right. But doing nothing definitely not.
# Mac Mackay 2018-03-05 11:09
Any HR professional worth their salary should be able to aid Conrad - and having a 'Buddy' like Hamish is a bonus. Experience suggests most employees are not able to deal with Conrad in the most supportive way so it is probably best he continues with his support network (GP, Hamish, and HR - if they are professional) and follow the GP's advice.

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