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Episode 10 - Making a business case for partnership


The scene ...Amber is taking an Easter break on a Greek island and wandering down to the local taverna

Amber wasn’t sure if she was happy or annoyed that her thoughts kept drifting back to the office and the conversation with Fay just two days ago.  Annoyed because the idea, as always on holiday, was to “get away from it all”.  Happy because if she was to become a partner, then presumably, just about every waking moment would be focussed on the firm.  That was the deal wasn’t it …. A life and soul commitment?

“Look we want you … well I want you and I know that a good number of the other partners who know you, want you as well.  You’re good at your job and you really helped us out when you stepped in when John had to …err needed to …. err felt he had to … well anyway, when he wasn’t here.  And to be blunt you seem prepared to work your whatsits off … and that always goes down well here.” Fay had smiled in slightly menacing way. 

That was all good to hear of course – although doing fewer late nights, in an attempt to keep her “whatsits” intact, had been one of Amber's private New Year resolutions.  But becoming a partner was what she really, really wanted.  To stick two fingers up to her last firm, to get the recognition she felt she deserved and for the money.  There would be (lots more) money ….. presumably?

“Of course, it’s all changed since some of the old boys here were made partner”,Fay had continued.  “The friendly chat over lunch and some mutual reassurances is long gone.  I think I was the first partner appointed who had to make a personal business case that was backed up by the partners in the group.  It was nerve-wracking at the time and I don’t think I slept for two days before I had to make my presentation.”

“Anyway you should be fine at that.  As you keep telling me, you think the firm should sponsor you to do an MBA, so this should be right up your street.” Fay added a little too breezily.  “And as for the psychometric assessments and all that malarkey, you’re into all that as well aren’t you?”

Ouch and touché.  Sometimes Amber regretted her natural enthusiasm and willingness to share it with the rest of the world.

So, her business case …. What would that look like?

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Episode 10 - Business case

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Are you interested in becoming a partner? Is this something you think is achievable? What does it take in your firm to be considered for partnership?

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# Simon McCall 2017-04-15 17:41
Big decision. Hope she has thought it through!
# Simon McCall 2017-04-20 17:34
She will need to persuade them that the firm will be better with her as a partner. And be able to describe what "better" actually means.

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