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Episode 13 - Mindfulness

Natasha is at Café Nero on her mobile to Rob having a weekly catch up.

“Well I blame it on all this “mindfulness” nonsense”, sighed Natasha.

“What! Really Natasha! I thought you were completely up for all this wellbeing business” Rob sounded genuinely surprised. “Tell me more”.

“It’s this whole thing of “being in the moment”, “letting go”, “being at one with oneself” – she responded, putting very heavy emphasis on the quote marks. “And it’s starting in schools and then all over Facebook and Twitter. It seems that these poor darlings must be kept away from any pressure or stress. Most of the  millennials I know would be better off doing a bit more “planning ahead”, “focussing” and “thinking about others”! They seem to be in a daze half the time and take it as a personal insult if they are dragged back to the real world. It really makes me mad!”

Rob made a whistling sound. “Sounds like it does. Any particular millennial that you have in mind? And what is the “it” that you blame all this mindfulness nonsense on? What’s actually happened to spark all this? It isn’t like you.”

“Ok, fair enough. Let me think. Right ….. (sigh) .... it’s Steph. The “it”, is not being aware of commitments made to clients and deadlines. And it was a particularly angry client asking me if we bothered to equip our young lawyers with diaries or was that too old fashioned!” Natasha responded in her most assertive, stand no nonsense, managing partner voice. A voice which Rob found both slightly intimidating and yet strangely ……

He realised his mind was wandering. “What are you going to do about it Natasha?” What do you think the options are? “ He always felt clumsy trying to go into coaching mode.

“Oh I don’t know. Probably go into a dark room and try and calm down.”

Rob paused, but couldn’t help himself, “So maybe a spot of ….. mindfulness?”

“Eff off! Speak tomorrow”

Natasha smiled.

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What do you do to ensure your wellbeing at work?      Does your firm “get it” and encourage wellbeing initiatives?      What’s the alternative?

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# Mac Mackay 2017-05-27 12:12
I call it: 'Neck-up, check-up'. It is actually about getting in the right frame of mind to approach any given challenge. Ask any gold medalists - I have always used 'mindfulness' to improve the performance in sports coaching school-age children in rugby and in track & field - I just didn't call it that. 'Developing inner confidence' maybe better for some. Mac.
# Simon McCall 2017-05-31 16:38
Interesting Mac. That doesn't sound like the "be at one with yourself" stuff that Natasha objects to. Maybe she doesn't really understand mindfulness!
# Simon McCall 2017-06-06 11:17
With so much of life, social media etc. happening at top speed, spending a few minutes being calm makes sense to me.

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