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Episode 20 - A recruiter calls



The scene... Alex is at his desk at FFS

Within seconds of putting the phone down – just enough time for him to feel annoyed at a) his current least favourite client whose email was now on his screen, b) Sam who had persuaded him to join “the gang” for a drink this evening and c) his sister who had nagged him to phone his Mum – Alex heard the phone ring at  Jo’s desk.  He would bet good money the caller would be the same person he had just finished talking to and that the conversation would go something like this …

“Hello is that Jo Matherson?”

“Yes it is”

“I’m so glad I’ve caught you - I have been really keen to speak to you.  My name is Kaz Grando from Block and Pillar – you probably know us... leading search and selection consultants in the legal market.  Would now be a convenient moment to have a quick chat?”

“Well….um... err… ok but I haven’t got long just now”

“Sure, sure, I understand. So let me start by saying this isn’t a direct approach but we think it could be mutually interesting get in touch with you ….”

And so on.  It was amazing how often recruitment consultants rang round all the associates in the team.  Surely they realised that they all sat within yards of each other – and occasionally talked to each other.  Apparently not.

Alex had ended his conversation quickly and abruptly.  He didn’t like these sort of approaches and anyway he was quite happy where he was.  Wasn’t he?  FFS was generally a really good place to work – he liked the people (even Sam usually) and he liked the work now he was completely focussed on employment and was beginning to carve a niche in the pharma sector.   Ok so he only had two clients so far, but a niche had to start somewhere. 

But, but…. that magical extra £20,000 p.a. that always seemed to be dangled tantalisingly when a move to a “major international player” was in the air.

And then as Alex saw and heard Jo’s voice and eyes light up as her conversation did not end abruptly, he began to wonder.

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What’s your experience of recruitment agencies – the good and the bad?  What has prompted you to move jobs or start looking elsehwere?

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# Joan Robertson 2017-09-21 12:02
I have enjoyed a successful relationship with some agents, who I feel support me when deciding next step in my career. I know they are motivated by the financial gain they get when you move, but at least it doesn't feel like that!

It's easy to think the grass is always greener. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. It's so hard to know before you take the leap of faith.
# Mac Mackay 2017-09-21 17:43
I have faced redundancy three times in my career. Each time it was devastating: young family; wife's job had to change, too; cash-flow crises, etc. But 6 months later each time - and as now - I found myself in a better place. Alex should investigate the opportunity, then decide on a course of action depending on that first step.

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