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Episode 27 - A late night Facebook post

Katrin is in bed holding her phone - it’s 1.42am on Saturday.

Post.  Good, done it, thought Katrin. Message timed at 1.43am.  Was it really that late?

“Rob call yourself a managing partner.  Well start managing FFS …. ffs!!!! You are meant to be looking after the firms clients and the people who work here – not your own pocket and ego.  Cant u see u are ruining lives.  Don’t you care?  You are a liar and a bully. Go to hell!!!!”

Katrin felt sick and tired.  And not as instantly relieved as she thought she would by letting her Facebook friends know what was going on at FFS. But she knew what she was saying was true and that’s what mattered.

She had thought it through for days, probably weeks.  She had discussed it with a couple of friends.  When she had got in from the bar last night at 11pm more angry than usual, she had done the right thing and gone to bed.  And then soon woken up even more angry and reached for her phone.  I am not going to regret this was her repeated mantra as Katrin eventually fell back to sleep.

Saturday morning arrived and Katrin still felt sick and tired.  She repeated the mantra as she looked at her phone to see the various likes and other messages.  A weird array of people had responded.  She checked again … ah, ok it was sent to everyone.

More messages and replies poured in on Sunday.

On Monday morning she set off the work in the usual way at the usual time.  She didn’t expect it to be a usual day.

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Katrin can expect

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What are the dangers of social media that you have come across?  Do you know people who have said things they regret?  What have been the consequences?  Or are Facebook and Twitter healthy outlets for controversial but important issues?  (Your comment will be anonymous unless you choose otherwise)



# Simon McCall 2018-04-06 19:37
Somehow don't think it will be a cosy chat for her. Start job hunting! People seem to forget that there are real world consequences for actions in the world of social media
# Simon McCall 2018-05-24 14:55
She needs to grow up. "We live in an age of social media" may be true but it's not an excuse for stupid behaviour.

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