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A story about lawyers and law firms

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I'm an in house lawyer in business or the public sector/a sole practitioner/a barrister/still a student.    Will lawstory be interesting and relevant for me?   

We certainly hope so. We think the issues addressed in the episodes are relevant to all sizes and types of organisations. Basically they are about people and how people behave.

I’m enjoying being part of the lawstory community but it’s the partners in my firm who need to read it . How can I get them involved?

Good idea. Tell them about it and maybe suggest that they use the ideas or issues as something you can discuss in firm/team meetings.

I’ve got a real problem in my firm. Can I look for help via the law story community and can I keep my identity and my firm’s identity confidential?  

Yes, we hope that lawstory can be a source of practical and confidential assistance. 

I want to advertise on lawstory.  How do I do that?

Please contact us to discuss this using the 'contact us' link.

Is lawstory based on real firms and real people?

No, but the incidents are things we have actually seen, noticed or experienced.

Can we suggest a storyline or a topic for an episode? 

Yes please!  Do send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or leave a comment raising the issue.

Do you do bespoke versions of lawstory that can be used in a real firm?

That sounds like a great idea, please contact us to discuss this using the 'contact us' link.

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