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Legal specific

Here are some resources that relate particularly to the legal world (in no particular order) which we will add to from time to time.


Continuing Competence - The Solicitors Regulation Authority

This is the SRA's toolkit that provides guidance on what is needed to achieve "continuing competence".  It comments on the importance of "reflection" as highlighted in  Episode 19 - Learning from a Mistake. 

Is Law For You? – Christopher Stoakes

Aimed at potential lawyers – an entertaining and interesting introduction. This link will take  you to Chris's page on Amazon showing all his books.

21st Century Solicitor – Steve Weiner

What it takes to be a successful young lawyer in a modern firm – full of useful tips and techniques

David Maister

The leading US thinker and writer on professional service firms including law firms. Maister has written lots of books and hundreds of articles.

Paul Rylance - Writing and Drafting in Legal Practice

A useful guide to one of the essential skills of a lawyer - how to write well

Making Sense of Law Firms – Stephen Mayson

The UK law firm management guru. This is the core text for the MBA in Legal Practice at Nottingham Law School

The Future of Law (and others) - Richard Susskind

Richard has been writing about the legal (and other) profession(s) for a number of years.  One of the best for understanding how things are likely to change.

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