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Office Parties

What could be simpler – “let’s have an office party – like we do every year”.   It’s possibly a knee jerk, obvious “good thing to do”.  But it’s surprising how often people dread the prospect of the office party or turn up and wished they had stayed in to watch a repeat of Come Dine With Me.  What about the ones that are a spectacular success, that people talk about for years to come, that go down in firm folklore.  What makes them special?

A few things to think about

Why are we doing it?  A reward for hard work?  A morale booster?  Something else?

Has what we have done in the past worked – have people turned up and enjoyed it?  Do we know?  Do we care?

How much to spend (time and money) – and what’s the ROI?  How else could the money be invested?

And some choices to make

-          Firm personnel only – or plus partners / significant others (or your expression of choice)

-          Evening / day time, weekday / weekend

-          In the office / away from the office

-          Indoor / outdoor

-          Same every year / different every year

-          Theme – simply eating and drinking or some activity / entertainment

-          Linked to an external CSR theme or internally focused

-          Alcohol based / fuelled – limitless or controlled

-          Dress code

-          Behaviour code

-          Planned and organised by “the management” or more democratically

Good luck!

And please share your experience with the lawstory community.


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